And the winner is…

March 4, 2010

Nancy Naigle! 

Nancy will receive $100 and a beautiful certificate. 
She’ll also have the considerable mojo of the GH99er sisterhood pulling for her when the Golden Heart® finalists are announced at on or about March 25, 2010. 
(Note: This is entirely mojo of the good wishes and prayers sort —
we have no pull in the GH contest!!)

Congratulations, Nancy!  



8 Responses to “And the winner is…”

  1. Nancy, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that you not only final in the GH this year, but win! Thanks for entering the Jeannie Gray Award this year!



  2. Congratulations, Nancy! Very best of luck with the GH and allyour writing!


  3. Candis said

    Congratulations, Nancy! Jeannie’s spirit is alive within your winning essay. Fingers crossed for you in the GH this year. And also the hopes that you will be lucky enough to end up with as wonderful GH sisters as I have.


  4. Linda Kearney said

    Congratulations, Nancy! I’ll be watching for your name on the finalist lists.

  5. Debbie Swanson said

    Congrats Nancy! What a wonderful essay. I do believe you’re channeling Jeannie, and I hope to see your writing in print soon. Do something lovely to celebrate, Debbie

  6. I promise to keep you posted 🙂
    I swear I can feel your hopes and wishes.
    I’m so thrilled with this award ~ truly an honor for me to help keep Jeannie’s spirit alive.


  7. Hey girls,
    Just thought I’d give you a quick update that I signed a 4-book deal with Amazon Publishing/Montlake Romance.

    The honor of being the 2010 recipient of the Jeannie Gray Golden Friendship award, and getting to know the wonderful GH99ers, has been a wonderful step and turning point in my journey.
    Hugs and happy writing~

  8. Woohoo, Nancy! Thanks for keeping us updated! Good luck with your new venture at Montlake!

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